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Published: 17th March 2011
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Saltbox garage plans allow for that All-American style that is so desirable. The saltbox style, if you’re not familiar with it, has a sloping gable and is asymmetrical in appearance. The history of the saltbox dates back to colonial times. Pioneers of this country used to keep salt in sloped, wooden boxes, much like many of todays mailboxes. The saltbox style home first appeared in New England in the 1600s, but they became popular with the introduction of a tax on homes taller than one story. Since the back of the saltbox house descends to the roofline of a single-story home it was, even though it is a two-story home, exempt from the tax.

Saltbox garage plans are perfect for anyone interested in having a little extra storage space above the garage or even a small apartment. The aesthetics are more suitable to a rural setting or paired with a home with the same feel. The design is interesting and is sure to draw attention, but don’t plan on this style if your home is modern looking. Mismatching your home and garage will result in a loss in property value.

Contacting your local building control office is advised before purchasing or designing your saltbox garage plans. This will ensure your familiarization with local building codes and what construction is allowed on your property. This office provides valuable information that will save you time, money and probably your sanity. Just imagine not contacting them, proceeding with construction and a month later being ordered to tear down the garage because it was not built to code. So do yourself a favor and seek their guidance before moving forward.

Saltbox garage plans are readily available for free and for purchase from several home improvements stores or online. Usually you can find a complete set of plans with a materials list included for around $50, but remember you will more than likely need to purchase multiple copies of the plans to provide to any contractors such as electricians. Before buying do some research and make sure the plans meet the codes and regulations of your building zone.

Finally, if you have decided that the second floor is to be an apartment you will need to spend some time looking for the appropriate appliances to fit the sloping structure. Also figure in expenses you otherwise would not incur if this were to simply remain storage space. Such expenses include flooring, insulation, climate control, paint, and all the small details such as fixtures and socket covers. Not factoring in these items can create a huge mess later with your finances if you have not planned your budget appropriately. Keep in mind that the upper level where the living quarters will be are half the space of the lower story, so you will need to create a livable space that doesn’t feel cramped. This type of building is best suited for a studio apartment layout. Because of the unique size and ceiling height of a saltbox garage it would be a good idea to consult with an interior designer or someone who can creatively utilize the space.

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