14’ High RV Garage Plans-The Best Way to Protect Your RV

Published: 23rd April 2010
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If you own a recreational vehicle, you would surely not like to park it in the street or a public parking lot. You would also need a different shelter from the ordinary ones, as they would not at all be adequate for your recreational vehicle or RV. This is where you can use 14' high RV Garage Plans to build a shelter for your vehicle yourself.

RVs are usually used to refer to motor homes, travel trailers and trucks. Being big and expensive vehicles, they also require to be protected from the elements. For this, a 14' High RV Garage which can be built with the help of plans is exactly what is required to take care of them.

The first thing which you would have to find out when building your 14' High Garage is the clearance height of your vehicle. For a Class A Motor Coach, you would need a clearance of at least 13 feet and 6 inches. Even if you do not own a Class A Motor Coach at present, you may go in for one in the future, and it is best to make sure that your building is high enough. Hence you should go in for plans which help you to construct a building 14 feet tall.

If you plan to wash your vehicle inside the building, then it would be a wise move to add a drain to the construction.

There are two main construction types in which the 14' high RV Garage Plans come in. One is the standalone building which you may go in for if you have enough space. The other option is to build an add-on to your existing house. This is perfect if you do not want to use up too much space, or if you would like to go to the garage from your house without going outside.

When choosing a location for your 14' High RV Garage, you should avoid low lying areas which are susceptible to flooding. You would also do well to find out if there are any claims over the land you would be using.

Before setting out to build your 14' high RV garage, you should consider a few things. One of them is whether you would be using your building for any other purpose besides parking your vehicle. If you would like to have extra room for storage, then it is best to provide for it, with the help of your plans. You can store machinery, your lawn mower, bikes and other stuff which might not have had a proper shelter earlier, here.

Before building your 14' High RV Garage with the help of plans, you would also have to find out whether any permits are required. You may approach the local authority or municipality to find this out.

The next step is to contact your neighborhood association. They usually have a set of rules which lay out what can and cannot be done. You may get a copy of these rules from them to check this out.

It is also best to keep your neighbors in the loop regarding your plans, as your construction activity may last for some time, and it is best to get their cooperation.

A 14' High RV Garage being a big project, it is best to take the help of good plans prepared by experts when building it yourself. These plans would provide step by step instructions with illustrations and tips to make the work easier.

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